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  • 1 Picking

    Copella is made at Boxford Farm, Suffolk,
    from handpicked apples.

    Our suppliers' pickers select and choose each apple carefully by hand. The apples are delicately selected for their size, shape, colour and maturity. Apples picked at the optimum time ensure that Copella is made from the tastiest and sweetest apples.

    Our suppliers' experts know each delicious apple variety
    by heart and only allow a perfect picking for each blend.

    1. Picking
  • 2 Storing

    Once the apples have been picked, they are placed gently in crates by variety and date and held in chilled storage until they are pressed.

    In general, later harvest apples store better than early harvest apples, so apples picked October - early November will store well and sustain the supply of Copella through the following seasons. We select apples by variety to create the blend of apple varieties in our press that makes Copella taste so great.

    2. Storing
  • 3 Pressing

    Before pressing, the apples are
    thoroughly washed.

    Then our quality control team carefully grade the fruit to ensure only the best apples are used. Any bruised or damaged fruit are removed. The apples are then gently pressed to create the famous delicious apple juice Copella is known for.

    The juice is then taste tested by our expert apple juice taster
    to guarantee excellence of flavour, then quickly bottled.

    3. Pressing
  • 4 Tasting

    The juice, once pressed, is taste tested
    by our resident Apple Expert David Smyth
    here at Boxford Farm

    His palate is finely tuned to the delicacies of our apple varieties, to guarantee that all our juice is of exceptional quality before being quickly bottled to lock in that taste of just biting into an apple.

    4. Tasting
  • 5 Bottling

    We gently pasteurise our juice before bottling. Each Copella bottle is made on Boxford Farm and filled with freshly pressed delicious
    apple juice.

    The bottles are then marked with our famous green and gold labels and shipped off to the shops.

    5. Bottling

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Boxford Farm, Suffolk - In the heart of East Anglia

Boxford Farm, Suffolk has been the home of Copella since founded by the Peake family in 1969.

The Farm, Suffolk and East Anglia embrace the loveliest aspects to English country life with wide East Anglian skies, many species of wildlife and rolling countryside.

Visit the farm

Did you know?

  • 3lb of Apples = 1 litre of Copella.

    3lb of Apples = 1 litre of Copella.

  • Copella's name was inspired by the Cox Orange Pippin apple and the founders daughter Carmella.

    Copella's name was inspired by the
    Cox Orange Pippin apple and the
    founder's daughter Carmella.

  • 1938 - The year that Bill and Devora Peake started farming in Boxford.

    1938 - The year that Bill and Devora Peake start farming in Boxford.

  • We use 25 different varieties of apples to make our delicious apple juice.

    We use 25 different varieties of apples
    to make our delicious apple juice.

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